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The Legend of Zelda is well known for it's corky bosses and down right disturbed villians. However, the fight for the best antagonist is a major problem between the fanboys. I'm here to somewhat settle the debate of who deserves the title of being the best villain.

Now, who should I choose. Befofe I begin Ganondorf will be eliminated from the choices. Reason being is because he a reoccurring character in the franchise.
Usurper King Zant! That's right the guy from Twilight Princess. He gets the spot for the best Zelda Villian. Why? Well, let me explain my reasonings. Zant portrayed himself as such a major threat throughout Twilight Princess. He really made the impression of such an amazing badass, don't get me wrong, he still is. Building up so much suspense leading up to his boss battle you feel so eargered to finally fight this guy.

Finally time to let this guy have it you find out something that turns out to be quite unsettling. The guy's a complete spazz! Now, that doesn't deduct from his badassery. In fact, it makes him very interesting.

Most Zelda Villians are just flamboyant. Zant on the other hand is a complete psychopath. He's absurdly cruel, even to his own race! He turned Midna into an imp, distorted his people and even used some as Shadow Beasts. Even though he did obtain his powers from Ganondorf doesn't mean he's not able to qualify. He still opposses as a dire threat throughout the game. He has an interesting character development and a mysterious profile. Hell, at the end of the game he leaves many questions as to "did he really die" or "did he finish off Ganondorf by just popping his neck" unanswered. Many people speculate that Zant was in a mentally venerable state when he came across Ganondorf. It's said that Ganondorf just took advantaged of the poor unstabled guy. And that "he really isn't a bad guy". All spectulations aside, the game goes deep in telling Zant's feelings and how he plans to completely cover Hyrule in Twilight.

It isn't because how great the game connects you with Zant's view point. It's because they actually took time in developing a perfect villian to fill in the role for Ganondorf. The depressing and dreary mood of Twilight would not be any good with this Usurper.

All that I have said prior is why Zant's worthy of this. Thank you for reading.

After thoughts/ other things~ Zant has the best boss battle, imo. If you have any oppossing arguments please reply with them.

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