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Reggie Fils-Aime has tweeted on Nintendo of America's Official Twitter account and posted an image revealing he's played 300+ hours on Animal Crossin: New Leaf.

Are you having trouble getting new public works requests from your villagers? Stress no more as there is a simple solution!
Grab your wetsuit and head at to the farthest corner of your ocean and idol there for 5 mins. Head back onto shore and make eye contact with each villager and they should come up to you. Sometimes you will have to repeat the process because they have something else to say. To help avoid that fill your inventory with bells.
Remember, you can only get one request per day.

Upon playing with your friends on Animal Crossing: New Leaf you've come across a sudden mood killer. The notorious Error Messages that pop out of nowhere for no reason what so ever.
It's not the connection to blame, it should be the programming. Hating on such a terrific game is really saddening but everything can't be perfect I suppose.
Hopefully in the near future they just might patch this problem with an upcoming update. We can only hope and assume so.