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It's not new news that The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker had missing dugeons. Aonuma has came out and answered why those dungeons were not included in the HD remake and here's what he had to say.

“I’m aware that lots of users wanted those two missing dungeons to be implemented in Wind Waker HD. But to be honest, we’ve already used those two dungeons for other titles after Wind Waker already. So right now, technically, they don’t really exist anymore…”
“We didn’t exactly use them as-is and implement them into another game. We’d add some [of their] features to other dungeons. So they’re in different dungeons now.” Elements of them must have found a way into Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass, but who knows – their remnants may be somewhere in Skyward Sword, too.”

A user on Reddit posted this picture revealing where the newest 6th generation Pokemon can be found in the Kalos region.

"Just a PSA for reading the map: If a pokemon has the "horde" symbol next to it, it doesn't mean that it ONLY comes in hordes. It just means that it DOES come in hordes. Also if a pokemon has any "fishing" symbol next to it. I just put the easiest method for capture instead of listing all. For example if you can catch something with a good and super rod, I just put good because you don't NEED the super rod."

Source: Reddit post 

Reggie Fils-Aime has tweeted on Nintendo of America's Official Twitter account and posted an image revealing he's played 300+ hours on Animal Crossin: New Leaf.

Eiji Aonuma has came out and said he didnt like the tech demo of The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo GameCube. Ultimately saying it didnt feel like a Zelda game.

“I saw that movie and I thought, ‘No, this isn’t Zelda. This isn’t Zelda at all.” I felt like this wasn’t what I imagined Zelda to be. It wasn’t the Zelda I wanted to make. That video clip didn’t actually contain any big surprises. There wasn’t any kind of revelation going on. It was more like a continuation of the previous version.”To me at the time, I say, it looked like a scene from Ocarina of Time, but better looking. “Yeah,” he smiles. “That’s right. I wasn’t interested in it at all.”

During a recent interview Miyamoto stated they will return to the Super Mario Galaxy series.

Here's what he had to say.

“We did not set out trying to define the future of Mario action games with this title,” Miyamoto said about Super Mario 3D World. “Rather, we’re just trying to find some fun new elements that we can incorporate. So for example, I certainly wouldn’t rule out the possibility of us creating more games in the vein of Super Mario Galaxy, for example. What we’re trying to accomplish here, is just to create a really good entry point for new players into the Super Mario 3D games.”


    Lately Nintendo's been making remakes to bring back the best from the past to make yet again another appearance on the market but with a brand new look. With the recently released HD remake of the Wind Waker it proved to be a successful approach.

Wii U Super Mario 64 reUmagined logo exclusive on Paul Gale Network

    A rumor has emerged that Nintendo will be doing the same thing to seven Nintendo 64 titles on the Wii U eshop. They will be calling it the "ReUmagined" series. They will start the  ReUmagined series off with Super Mario 64. Which will be a full graphical update added with new features. 

One of those so said features will include a two player mode allowing two players to play cooperatively by controlling Mario and Luigi.
  All of the following HD remakes will be available for $30 on the Nintendo Wii U's eShop

SOURCE: PaulGaleNetwork

Today's screenshot provided by the official Smash Bros website. Shows Sonic and Mario on Sonic's home turf.
The stage is from the recently released "Sonic Lost Worlds".

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds will be taking up 5482 blocks on your SD card when downloading it from the Nintendo eshop. That's around to 685MB. If you really want to have the downloaded copy then you might want to consider purchasing a new SD card. At that point you may be better off with the physical copy of the game.

Here's the latest screenshot of Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS. Showing Mega Man and Pikachu in a battle but it seems Pikachu just wants to play around!

I haven't watched the anime, Attack on Titan, due to the lack of dubs that I may or not be aware of but from everything I've seen it looks pretty damn good. Not to mention that it would make an awesome transition to the video game market from the amazing battle scenes I've witness from snippets of the anime.

Anyways, it just came to my attention that there was an Attack on Titan game just announced in the last couple of months for the Nintendo 3DS. From the trailer it looks quite amazing. The disappointing part is that it's only going to be released in Japan as of it. But I don't have any hopes seeing it make a western release unfortunately.

Do you have a Hulu subscription and own a Nintendo 3DS? Well I'm sure you've been waiting to see the two come together. Finally, it has arrived! Instant streaming straight from Hulu plus on your 3DS! But be warned, shows don't appear in 3D!

The producer of one of Nintendo's greatest franchise, The Legend of Zelda, Eiji Aonuma, answered a question regarding to the remake of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask for Nintendo 3DS at his panel during comic con.
He responded by saying,  “finish this game, (A Link Between Worlds), and that may give you your answer.”
His response could be hinting that it's going to happen or he's just tied of the repeated question and just wants the fans to focus on the upcoming installment.

We'll be providing the most recent Smash Bros Screenshots that have appeared on it's official site. Now set back, relax, and prepare to take it all in.

New artwork has been revealed of the upcoming 3DS Zelda title, A Link Between Worlds. It appears to be a villian that is resembling alot like Ganondorf. Nothing else has been provided alongside the image as of yet.

The Paper Mario series takes a leap over to the handheld market with this installment.
By the title it should be clear that the game will be introducing stickers.

Rather than having a typical RPG styled battles you'll be relaying on your collection of stickers you've picked up along the levels. So really, you're limited to attacks you can use. However, you will likely never find yourself in a situation where you're out of stickers just as long as you grab them in the levels.

Instead of having a town connecting you to all of you destinations it's setup as a traditional Mario overworld.

If you own a 3DS you should definitely consider purchasing Sticker Star. It's a fun and creative experience that shouldn't be passed up.