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Resident Evil: Revelations Raid Mode Trolling
- - - Trolling Online Raid Mode - - - - -
● Stunning-- Upgrade your sub weapon capacity to carry more in order to continuously temporarily stun your partner by throwing them at him -- So you don't have to waste BP restocking, just quit right before they hit the medal at the end of the stage. ( Why do it once you run out? ;) )
● Elevator mayhem-- Once you reach an elevator before your partner does spam (Up + A) to have your character say "get over here". Once they get close enough take off in the elevator leaving them behind. Once you reach the next floor stand in the doorframe of the elevator to prevent it going back down for your partner to advance.
● Just annoy the living hell out of them buy spamming the voice actions. (Up + A, Up + B, Up + X, Up + Y.)
Opening/Closing Elevator Doors- In a few Raid Mode stages you have an option to choose between floors you would like to go in certain elevators. Getting on one of those elevators before your partner and pressing the elevator switch inside will close the doors when the option pops up. (Note: You will not go anywhere if you just open the option. The doors will just close.) You can spam the elevator doors to annoy your partner. --- Another thing you can do is get in it with your partner, open the subscreen to the floor options(keep it up for a couple of secs), and close out. Your partner will think you've arrived at the next floor...(if they're foolish enough). When they exit the elevator close the doors yet again.
Can't Scope: While your partner is trying to use his/her rifle stand in front of them. Whenever they move, get back in their way.
-----GameFAQs Users submissions:-------CrimsonRoyal: Stock up on shock grenades Choose gun with grenade launcher part Go to stage 2 Let partner jump off of cliff (make sure that you don't jump) Fire shock grenades at partner from above until you run out Quit --Play bonus stage Get to deck Quit after defeating the last wave of enemies --Play stage 13 Wait till they get near the explosive barrels Shoot barrels --Throw a grenade every time your partner is charging a shot. --Play stage 9 Every time your partner pulls down the lever in the engine room, pull it back up.
DoomsSD: Your partner see a Draghignazzo, they scope in and try use Charge Shot to pierce it's armour. When you hear them do this, Shock Grenade them. Laugh as Draghignazzo steam rolls them.
Also, when they are trying to run away from Speedy-Legs Scarmiglione, Shock Grenade them and watch as the Speedy-Leg catches up to them and they get shock trolled.
Both of these situations are easier when you have the Cloak modification so enemies ignore you and direct their aggression at your partner in


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