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Are you having trouble getting new public works requests from your villagers? Stress no more as there is a simple solution!
Grab your wetsuit and head at to the farthest corner of your ocean and idol there for 5 mins. Head back onto shore and make eye contact with each villager and they should come up to you. Sometimes you will have to repeat the process because they have something else to say. To help avoid that fill your inventory with bells.
Remember, you can only get one request per day.

Upon playing with your friends on Animal Crossing: New Leaf you've come across a sudden mood killer. The notorious Error Messages that pop out of nowhere for no reason what so ever.
It's not the connection to blame, it should be the programming. Hating on such a terrific game is really saddening but everything can't be perfect I suppose.
Hopefully in the near future they just might patch this problem with an upcoming update. We can only hope and assume so.

Lately I've been hearing all kinds of postitive things about SteamWorld which just released for the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Before I get into this I'm not saying Steam World Dig is a bad game. In fact, it looks really fun. However, there is something that I would like to point out that some people may have not been aware of.

There's a game on the android market called "Gem Miner". Steam World Dig is better compared to that than Metroid and Terraria.

     It's a little late to respond to all of the negative feedback Other M received from the fan base. However, I recently purchased Other M at my local GameStop for $3. I got curious and decided to read some reviews of the game and I came across a reoccurring complaint, "Metroid Other M is a total disappointment." The main reason people thought this way because it wasn't in first person and everything was more linear so on and so forth. However, I'm not one of those people.

     Now let me express my thoughts onto this matter.
     It's NOT called "Metroid Prime: Other M" so that right there should tell you off the bat that it's not a part of the Prime series. Therefore, meaning it's not in first person. Other M is actually a good game. I found some parts to actually be a little difficult and it had me run around in circles not having any clue on where to go or what to do. It was just like a well, another Metroid game. It's not linear at all in my perspective but I'm not quick to judge. Metroid Other M is what the series needed. The controls were bad but yet they were doable with what the wiimote had to offer. Another thing people complained about was the cutscenes. It has a total of 2hrs and 12mins run time. Who the hell would complain seeing this...!

Holding that helmet can make a man want to bust.

     Yes, Prime was great, but Other M returned the franchise to it's old roots to draw back in the old fans with this instalment. I wouldn't mind if they released another game like this. Disappoints me that it received so many negative feed backs.

Fan made games can be great alternatives if you've played all of what you can of the series that it came from. In fact, we have some here on the site. Today we'll be discussing about fan made games that fans of the official games need to try out.

The Legend of Zelda: Timeless Haven is a 2D adventure with detailed enviroments. Timeless Haven is Zelda Universe's Official Fangame. 

Super Smash Flash 2 is the most recent game in the fan made series. The Sprite visuals work out excellent as a 2D fighter. If you're ever wanting a feel for Smash Bros. but you don't want to leave your computer screen then this is the game for you. You can play it on Nintenkami by clicking here.

Project AM2R is a Metroid fan made game that is actually still undergoing development and it's an awesome Metroid game at that!

As we all are aware Mega Man will be making an appearance in the upcoming Smash Bros game. To add on top of that the creator of Mega Man , Keiji Inafune, has recently lauched a extremely successful Kickstarter campaign for a spiritual successor of his smash hit franchise called "Might No. 9".

If Mighty No. 9 is to be a success as the Kickstarter campaign there might be a likely possibility Mega Man's creator will want to revisit Mega Man? However, that is not the case. In his kickstarter he made it clear that he was disappointed about the cancellation of Mega Man Legends. Capcom currently owns all rights to his beloved creation, as he hinted in his video.

After Monster Hunter 3 launched earlier this year with a bang the 4th installment will hit yet again, in Japan, beginning of next year. Monster Hunter 4 is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS system and has been said to have features that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate lacked which disappointed many of the fans.

Later this month there will be a Nintendo Direct dedicated to give us an overview on what to expect of the game.

The Nintendo 3DS library has grown alot since it first released. Despite the lack of games for the first year that it had came out. Even though the library has grown since then it's still very small compared to the Nintendo DS. With the Nintendo 2DS coming along hopefully developing more games to the collection will increase. Let's hope the attention will help the 3DS library of games increase even more.