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Okay, so I recently played through Pokemon X and after it's been out for a little over a month I can finally say I have seen all it has to offer. This review will be as spoiler free as possible. Nothing from the main plot will be given away. Now let's begin.
Story: You are a young boy/girl who just moved to Vaniville. It starts with you waking up to a fletchling flying in your room. When you go downstairs your mom asks you to go outside and say hi to the neighbors. You are then greeted buy Shauna and Serena. They give you a letter from Professor Sycamore that says you have been invited to go on a pokemon journey. You continue to the next town where you meet a group of friends. They also have the Kalos's three new starters Chespin (grass), Froakie (water), and Fennekin (fire). After getting your first pokemon you go town to town until you reach Lumiose City where you finally meet the great Professor Sycamore. He challenges you to a battle. 

After the battle he offers you one of the starter pokemon from generation one. Your starter options are Bulbasaur (grass), Squirtle (water), and Charmander (fire). When in Lumiose you learn that half of the city's power is out for some odd reason. Soon after you meet the games main villain. (SMALL SPOILER) The villain is Lysandre. They don't refer to him as the bad guy until later, however its strongly hinted. His plot is a good one. He wants to unleash a great weapon to kill all people and pokemon except Team Flare members, Team Flare being the main bad guy team in the game. Team Flare itself felt very unexciting and was always just kind of there never doing much harm. Now I can't go further in the story without spoiling anymore but I can give my thoughts on it. The story was honestly good. A lot of people are saying it's your stereotypical boring lack luster pokemon story but I strongly disagree. I was playing the game for it's story. They also went with a very mature topic for the villain. He wants to kill everyone, yes actually KILL them. As for the rest of the story it's great. There are even hints of romance between you and another character. For the story I give it a 7 out of 10.

Game Play: The game play is absolutely spectacular. For the pokemons first 3D adventure they did a great job. All the controls feel fantastic and battling is great. This installment in the serious adds roller blades as a means of transportation. It's after than running and slower than a bike so it can get you where you need to go and you can still take in the breath taking  environments. To use the roller blades you just use the 3D's built in joy stick. This gives you free 360 degree movement, a first for the handheld pokemon games. The games also have a nice steady difficulty increase. But the games are easy. Not once did I level up my pokemon and I was still at least 5 to 10 levels over everyone else. I never had to challenge a gym leader more than once and the Elite Four was a breeze. My over all thoughts on the game play are a 8.5 out 10. All though it handles like a dream the game is very easy and no challenger will ever pose a real threat to you.

New/ Old Pokemon: This game did not bring many new pokemon to the table, but the 69 brand new ones they did bring are outstanding. Some of my favorites are Delphox, Greninja, Sylveon, and Meowsic. But all of them are great. And for what everyone was excited for Mega Evolution's. This is a new feature to X and Y. Some pokemon were given a new evolution that they can evolve into during a battle with the help of a mega stone. This is great because pokemon like Absol and Mawile are now great additions to your team. And my personal favorite pokemon even got one, that being Gardevoir. The only downfall is that mega stones are hard to come by and if you buy there insanely expensive. But it's well worth it because you get a crazy OP pokemon for a short time. In all honesty I don't have complaints when it comes to the new pokemon in the game. If I had to choose one this it would be all the Pokmon they give you. Pokemon you don't even have to catch. In total I believe there are 7 and I personally aren't crazy about it because I feel forced to use them on my team. None the less I have give it a 10 out of 10.

Post Game and Side quests: In all honesty the game is really lacking in post game and side quests. There are a few side quest but nothing major. And as for post game there is almost nothing you can't do in the main story. Despite this the post game is still very fun because of how easy the online capability's are. Not to mention it's very easy to shiny hunt now, so if you want an awesome team with a shiny pokemon on it you can do just that if you take a day or two to dedicate to it. However I do have high hopes for them releasing DLC for the game. So in the future we could see more added to this wonderful game. This is some what generous but I will give the post game a 7.5 out 10.

Final Thoughts: If I was being totally honest I would have to say that this is definitely the best installment in the franchise. However I never did play the generations 5 titles. I feel this is a step in the right direction for the Pokemon franchise and I'm excited to see what else Gamefreak can bring us. This game was not perfect but still fantastic none the less. My final score on the game is 9 out 10.

(Not regarding the review) Hey guys hope you liked my review. This was my very first one so it may be a bit shaky but I'm sure that they will get better over time. If you did like this review make sure you follow NintenKami on twitter where you can find all of our newest announcements. If you liked my content follow me on twitter @MrUnshyGuy. You can ask me questions of any kind there. A big thanks to my good friend @YoBaka on twitter for allowing me to do this.