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Looking for a lengthy game that  spends your time hunting down giant monsters? Well, look no more!
Monster Hunter 3 has multiple areas to track down these beasts with a great collection of missions. Connect your system to the internet and you'll be able to get even more content with free DLC (Downloadable content).If you're new to the Monster Hunter series you don't have to worry about playing the first ones. There's not a detailed story involved. If you're now wondering what you'll be doing in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, I will now explain that all to you.

Over view:
When you aren't out on a hunt you'll be spending your time at Moga Village. The "hub world" if I will. Here you can go out on a "free hunt" to gather materials to upgrade or to forge new armor and weapons, which you can still gather materials while you're out on a quest. You can equip your gear in your house by going to your Item Box. You can also talk to "Chamberlyne" to set furnishings, view your gallery and even get DLC by connecting to the internet.
The controls feel a little clustered at first but after the first few missions you'll get used to them. That is, if you're not using a circle pad pro.
The games textures are very detailed for the Nintendo 3DS and it's one of the best graphical games that can be found on the Nintendo 3DS library.

The game can be around the price range of $40.00 if you're buying it brand new. Despite it being expensive it's definitely worth picking up. I highly recommened it for any 3DS collection.


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