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Around the beginning of July a kickstarter was created called "The World of Pokémon". The kickstarter is all described here in the creators YouTube video. Now don't get me wrong it's an okay idea and all. However, the kickstarter's goal is way too high. Standing around at $30,000.

Again, don't take my words the wrong way but thats asking for too much.

Apparently Reggie's "fanboys" have started a petition to get him in the next smash bros. Let's make this happen!

But seriously, here's the link.

Surprise, surprise! It seems localizations have done it again. Animal Crossing characters undergoing sex changes while on their way to North America. Read the full article here.

Looking for a lengthy game that  spends your time hunting down giant monsters? Well, look no more!
Monster Hunter 3 has multiple areas to track down these beasts with a great collection of missions. Connect your system to the internet and you'll be able to get even more content with free DLC (Downloadable content).If you're new to the Monster Hunter series you don't have to worry about playing the first ones. There's not a detailed story involved. If you're now wondering what you'll be doing in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, I will now explain that all to you.

Over view:
When you aren't out on a hunt you'll be spending your time at Moga Village. The "hub world" if I will. Here you can go out on a "free hunt" to gather materials to upgrade or to forge new armor and weapons, which you can still gather materials while you're out on a quest. You can equip your gear in your house by going to your Item Box. You can also talk to "Chamberlyne" to set furnishings, view your gallery and even get DLC by connecting to the internet.
The controls feel a little clustered at first but after the first few missions you'll get used to them. That is, if you're not using a circle pad pro.
The games textures are very detailed for the Nintendo 3DS and it's one of the best graphical games that can be found on the Nintendo 3DS library.

The game can be around the price range of $40.00 if you're buying it brand new. Despite it being expensive it's definitely worth picking up. I highly recommened it for any 3DS collection.

Nintendo continued using cartridges to prevent piracy. Doing so affected the overall sizes of their games. Square Soft had limited space to develope for their consoles and we all know that the Final Fantasy games are huge. Thus causing their departure.

The original founder of Nintendo (Fusajiro Yamauchi) still remains with Nintendo. He's buried in the basement of Nintendo's original headquarters (Kyoto, Japan).

If you’ve played through The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword you may have seen the mysterious unobtainable treasure chest in the Fire Dragon’s Room.
Click here to see the contents of the treasure chest by using hacks.

Recently Nintendo sued R4 distributers. Coming across one may end up being a hard search.

Interested in buying an R4 Flash Cart? You can click here or buy one from R4igold3ds.

To those who are curious you may want to hurry and grab yourself one.

Ever wanted to take your GameCube everywhere you go? There's a thing just for that! It's a modded Nintendo GameCube system!
Want to make one yourself? You can get basic directions here.

Mario Party 8 is believed to be controversial. United Kingdom retailers had the game withdrawn from their shelves because some copies had the word "spastic" including in the game.


Here's a list of some canceled Nintendo 3DS titles.

Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy
Bomberman 3DS
de Blob 2
DJ Hero 3D
Mega Man Legends 3
My Garden
Saints Row: Drive-by

We all want this game to come to america. All we have to do is hope for a localization of the game. To see the japanese trailer click here.

Nintendo recently released add on content for Streetpass Mii Plaza. One of the major updates was a few games that were added but there's a twist. The games will have to be purchased on the eShop. To add ontop of that, they're rather pricey. Check it out yourself and see if these games are worth around a five dollar range.

Expecting to see something totally new for an upcoming 3D mario game this one really missed many expectations. Many games usually have a Wii U or 3DS counterpart. This one seems of just that. Many people were expecting a new concept all together.

The find a short list of sites that can be viewed via the Nintendo 3DS browser click here.

Resident Evil: Revelations Raid Mode Trolling
- - - Trolling Online Raid Mode - - - - -
● Stunning-- Upgrade your sub weapon capacity to carry more in order to continuously temporarily stun your partner by throwing them at him -- So you don't have to waste BP restocking, just quit right before they hit the medal at the end of the stage. ( Why do it once you run out? ;) )
● Elevator mayhem-- Once you reach an elevator before your partner does spam (Up + A) to have your character say "get over here". Once they get close enough take off in the elevator leaving them behind. Once you reach the next floor stand in the doorframe of the elevator to prevent it going back down for your partner to advance.
● Just annoy the living hell out of them buy spamming the voice actions. (Up + A, Up + B, Up + X, Up + Y.)
Opening/Closing Elevator Doors- In a few Raid Mode stages you have an option to choose between floors you would like to go in certain elevators. Getting on one of those elevators before your partner and pressing the elevator switch inside will close the doors when the option pops up. (Note: You will not go anywhere if you just open the option. The doors will just close.) You can spam the elevator doors to annoy your partner. --- Another thing you can do is get in it with your partner, open the subscreen to the floor options(keep it up for a couple of secs), and close out. Your partner will think you've arrived at the next floor...(if they're foolish enough). When they exit the elevator close the doors yet again.
Can't Scope: While your partner is trying to use his/her rifle stand in front of them. Whenever they move, get back in their way.
-----GameFAQs Users submissions:-------CrimsonRoyal: Stock up on shock grenades Choose gun with grenade launcher part Go to stage 2 Let partner jump off of cliff (make sure that you don't jump) Fire shock grenades at partner from above until you run out Quit --Play bonus stage Get to deck Quit after defeating the last wave of enemies --Play stage 13 Wait till they get near the explosive barrels Shoot barrels --Throw a grenade every time your partner is charging a shot. --Play stage 9 Every time your partner pulls down the lever in the engine room, pull it back up.
DoomsSD: Your partner see a Draghignazzo, they scope in and try use Charge Shot to pierce it's armour. When you hear them do this, Shock Grenade them. Laugh as Draghignazzo steam rolls them.
Also, when they are trying to run away from Speedy-Legs Scarmiglione, Shock Grenade them and watch as the Speedy-Leg catches up to them and they get shock trolled.
Both of these situations are easier when you have the Cloak modification so enemies ignore you and direct their aggression at your partner in

The Legend of Zelda is well known for it's corky bosses and down right disturbed villians. However, the fight for the best antagonist is a major problem between the fanboys. I'm here to somewhat settle the debate of who deserves the title of being the best villain.

Now, who should I choose. Befofe I begin Ganondorf will be eliminated from the choices. Reason being is because he a reoccurring character in the franchise.
Usurper King Zant! That's right the guy from Twilight Princess. He gets the spot for the best Zelda Villian. Why? Well, let me explain my reasonings. Zant portrayed himself as such a major threat throughout Twilight Princess. He really made the impression of such an amazing badass, don't get me wrong, he still is. Building up so much suspense leading up to his boss battle you feel so eargered to finally fight this guy.

Finally time to let this guy have it you find out something that turns out to be quite unsettling. The guy's a complete spazz! Now, that doesn't deduct from his badassery. In fact, it makes him very interesting.

Most Zelda Villians are just flamboyant. Zant on the other hand is a complete psychopath. He's absurdly cruel, even to his own race! He turned Midna into an imp, distorted his people and even used some as Shadow Beasts. Even though he did obtain his powers from Ganondorf doesn't mean he's not able to qualify. He still opposses as a dire threat throughout the game. He has an interesting character development and a mysterious profile. Hell, at the end of the game he leaves many questions as to "did he really die" or "did he finish off Ganondorf by just popping his neck" unanswered. Many people speculate that Zant was in a mentally venerable state when he came across Ganondorf. It's said that Ganondorf just took advantaged of the poor unstabled guy. And that "he really isn't a bad guy". All spectulations aside, the game goes deep in telling Zant's feelings and how he plans to completely cover Hyrule in Twilight.

It isn't because how great the game connects you with Zant's view point. It's because they actually took time in developing a perfect villian to fill in the role for Ganondorf. The depressing and dreary mood of Twilight would not be any good with this Usurper.

All that I have said prior is why Zant's worthy of this. Thank you for reading.

After thoughts/ other things~ Zant has the best boss battle, imo. If you have any oppossing arguments please reply with them.