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Tales of the Abyss was ported over to the Nintendo 3DS which was originally for the Playstation 2. I haven't played the PS2 version but from the looks of it, it's a pretty good damn ported version.

You're Luke, a son from the royal family of kimlasca, and he's never stepped one foot out of the manor. Not to mention that he lost all his memories 7 years ago. As he was out training with Master Van a mysterious character by the name of Tear comes out of nowhere and tries to attack Van.
I won't go into the plot anymore to avoid potential spoilers. It'll unfold as you go on, as a typical RPG should.

The battle style is completely different than your typical turned base strategies. It mixes more with a hack and slash style. You only control the person that you're playing as. So you cannot select attacks for your allies that are out in the battle.
It keeps the battles feeling fresh as you can play as your teamates during battles, you can't switch during battle so you'll have to select them before you encounter 
an enemy. It has a variety of close range and long range characters.

One thing that I dislike about the fact you can't switch during battle is that when the character you're playing as dies you have to sit watching the rest of the battle go on. This is especially annoying when you're in the middle of a boss battle.

You can throw away all of you hatred towards random encounters as the enemies are visible on both the overworld and in the dungeons. You can easily choose wether or not you want to battle. But, level grinding is kind of vital in order to progress without any trouble.

The game's story is kind of lengthy so it will definitely keep you busy.
The overworld has quite abit to explore ranging from dungeons to cities. Later in the game you can even travel by sea.

If you're looking for an RPG on the 3DS, Tales of Abyss is definitely worth the buy. I give Tales of Abyss an 7.5/10.