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Recently Nintendo put out a demo for Sonic Lost Worlds on the Nintendo 3DS eshop prior to their latest Nintendo Direct that happened earlier this week. One of many things mention was this demo and I've found spare time to set back and play what the demo has to offer and so these are my impressions of playing the demo.

The demo only has one available mode to choose from and that is the story mode. It gives you cutscene of Sonic riding ontop of Tails' airplane chasing after eggman for whatever reason and Sonic spots something called the "Lost Hex", according to Tails. The cutscene isn't bad but the quality of it is terrible. It's blurry and just out right a pain to watch. Not to mention the new voice acting. Which I'm not calling bad per say but it's weird not hearing Sonic's original voice. Actually, everyone's original voice actor for that matter is comepletely new. Amy is a thousand times annoying than she previously was just from her new voice which I will not further discuss because of it's brutality it did on my ears.

The first level it gives you is actually decent. Alongside with decent controls and okay visuals. It's pleasantly smooth. The only complaint I have is that it didn't feel fast pace as it should have.

After completing the first level you are rewarded with another beautiful cutscene! Killing your ears with Amy's previously mentioned voice. Once that is all over you're greeted to the game's "overworld". There's nothing to do there so it offers you another level (Windy Hill: Zone 1) to try out. I felt like this one was to allow players to practice jumping. As to the first level (the tutorial) was more about the running mechanic.

It opens up a new level only to tease you about getting the full version of the game. Not allowing you to have any access to it. It pretty much leaves you off with that. Leaving you with only two demo levels you already played through without a proper "thanks for playing the demo" or for not even telling you that the demo is over.

With the game's soundtrack and level design it's without a doubt comparable to Super Mario Galaxy. But saying that does not mean it's as good. It just has alot of similarities to it.

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