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With recent Zelda titles the art styles are always different. Providing players with a new aspect and with completely new visuals to make the experience differ from the last. This is what makes the Zelda franchise so great. Going back to when the Wind Waker released it sparked alot of controversy which everyone is already aware of. Again going back but not as far we come to Skyward Sword, another visual and somewhat gameplay "let down". I personally enjoyed Skyward Sword. Now what I'm actually getting at is there's seemingly an absent of criticism for the newest upcoming Zelda installment, A Link Between Worlds.
Not much have I heard of anything negative reflecting upon it's art style. I for one like the art style and it totally suits the game. Maybe people don't view it as they previously did the others as it's not a 3D adventure. Yes, I'm aware it's for the 3DS but you know what I mean.

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