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It's very simple to download project M. All it consists of is basically downloading the files and placing them on an SD card. You don't have to do a single thing to your wii or brawl disk for this to even work.

You'll obviously need a Super Smash Brothers Brawl game disk and an SD card)

Step 1. Make sure your SD card has nothing on it and make sure that you have deleted every custom made stage on brawl.

Step 2. Click here and the files you need should automatically begin to download. If not, go here and click on the "Hackless Wii Zip (Full Set)".

Step 3. After it finishes downloading unzip the folder that just downloaded and take the folders contents and put them over onto your SD card. (Do not just copy over the folder, only whats in the folder.)

Step 4. Now insert it into your wii and launch up brawl and head back over to the stage builder which you previously just deleted every custom stage. Now it will load up and only press on "Launch Game".

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