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     It's a little late to respond to all of the negative feedback Other M received from the fan base. However, I recently purchased Other M at my local GameStop for $3. I got curious and decided to read some reviews of the game and I came across a reoccurring complaint, "Metroid Other M is a total disappointment." The main reason people thought this way because it wasn't in first person and everything was more linear so on and so forth. However, I'm not one of those people.

     Now let me express my thoughts onto this matter.
     It's NOT called "Metroid Prime: Other M" so that right there should tell you off the bat that it's not a part of the Prime series. Therefore, meaning it's not in first person. Other M is actually a good game. I found some parts to actually be a little difficult and it had me run around in circles not having any clue on where to go or what to do. It was just like a well, another Metroid game. It's not linear at all in my perspective but I'm not quick to judge. Metroid Other M is what the series needed. The controls were bad but yet they were doable with what the wiimote had to offer. Another thing people complained about was the cutscenes. It has a total of 2hrs and 12mins run time. Who the hell would complain seeing this...!

Holding that helmet can make a man want to bust.

     Yes, Prime was great, but Other M returned the franchise to it's old roots to draw back in the old fans with this instalment. I wouldn't mind if they released another game like this. Disappoints me that it received so many negative feed backs.

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